Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Christmas in July!!

Ok, I know it's just the beginning of summer,(although it's very much like a mild winter here, April showers, thunderstorms, etc), but I have been busy in my workroom creating new seasonal minis to be exhibited at the Autumn fairs I will be attending. I was flicking through some old photos of when I began miniature making and came across a few non-food minis that have inspired me to make these two cute little bears :0) I am now inspired even further to make more!! My work desk is full of mini bears in the making & my head is bursting full of ideas, I just hope that when they are all finished they look just as good in reality as they do in my imagination!! :0)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another of my favourites to make is Wedding cakes, where once again I can let my imagination run riot!! Last year I was first contacted by American artisan Martha Puff who was putting together a feature for the summer edition of 'Dollshouse & Miniatures Scene' featuring all things summery & she wanted me to create a summer-style wedding cake. I eagerly obliged & not only did I create a summer fruits wedding cake but I also created a summer fruits 'grooms' cake to accompany it!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

One of my favourite miniatures to make has to be the 'Mad Hatter' style cakes, you can be as creative & imaginative as you like. My very first Mad Hatter cake, that I created many years ago, was a miniature replica of a full-size birthday cake, that I found while browsing the internet & was totally in awe of it. Since then I have let my imagination run wild.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Being very busy recently & have neglected my blog, tut tut!! Making new minis to be exhibited at the Autumn fairs that I will be attending & catching up with commissions. My favourite minis to make at the moment seem to be none food items, including some very colourful dragons.

This is Gertie, who after a very busy day flying around the forest, decided to have a little nap. Bless.