Friday, 18 March 2011

Easter Minis 2011

I didn't plan on making many Easter minis this year, but I realised that I have a miniature fair a few weeks before the Easter weekend & began making them to take some with me, & really enjoyed making them so I made some more for eBay & Etsy. I have recently become hooked on a programme on the 'Good Food' channel during the week, "Choccywoccydoodah" (what a fantastic name!!), & these are the creators of the cakes & treats that featured in Tim Burton's films 'Alice in Wonderland' & 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'. The shop is based in Brighton & I can't wait to visit it!! Chocolate Heaven :o). I couldn't help myself from making a couple of mini versions of their full-size chocolate delights. Hope you like them.
Have a fantastic weekend, hugs, Kerry.x.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Mothers' Day GIVEAWAY!!

Mothers' Day Giveaway Prize!!

Flower Displays

Fruit Bowls

Here in the U.K. on Sunday the 3rd April we will be celebrating Mothers' Day & what better way to celebrate it than by having a GIVEAWAY!! I made the little set, which consists of a pretty pink & white iced cake, a plate of toast with butter, blackcurrant jam & knife, wrapped presents, card, bunch of daffodils, coffee pot & matching sugar bowl & cream jug, specially for a giveaway prize. All you have to do to enter & stand a chance of winning is...NOTHING!! That's right, absolutely nothing. All my followers (including new ones who join before Sunday 3rd April) will automatically be entered into the draw. (You can of course still leave a comment if you so wish). The draw will take place over Mothers' Day weekend & I will post the results as soon as they have taken place.
As well as making a few Easter minis recently, I am busy making fruit bowls & flower displays as these are proving popular at the fairs.
Good Luck with the Mothers' Day Giveaway & have a fantastic weekend, hugs, Kerry.x.

Friday, 4 March 2011

A Bit Of Extravagance...

I recently purchased Sofia Coppolas' 'Marie Antoinette' on DVD & since receiving it I have watched it a lot!! I am mesmerized by it, not the story (personally I thought it was lacking something & a bit dis-jointed, only my opinion mind you) but by the opulence of the decor, furnishings &, most importantly, the fashion. This is what has inspired me to make my latest minis, modelled on the fashion of the era, the extravagance of it all. I love the soft pastel colours, the roses, butterflies, frills & bows & I have even made a little gateaux with one of her delicate pink slippers on it. So, as the lady herself supposedly said..."Let them eat cake".
Have a fantastic weekend, hugs, Kerry.x