Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Right Royal Knees Up!!

I am not an avid royalist, however I could not let this monumental occassion pass without a mention on my blog. From 8 o'clock yesterday morning I sat glued to my television screen, taking in every wonderful moment of the Royal couples big day. I was joined by my dear friend at ten o'clock & we both sat 'oohing' & 'aahhing' as the guests arrived. I tried to take in every single little detail as I really want to remember the day for a long, long time. I was very young when Prince Williams' parents married & can only vaguely remember a few details (mainly Lady Diana's dress being very crumpled as she entered the cathedral). It was nice to see a few celebrities there too (David Beckham looked very handsome & Victoria was stunning but I do wish she would smile more often, & what on earth was wrong with Tara Palmer Tompkinsons' nose??!!) You could almost feel the excitement in London as the bridesmaids & pageboys exited the hotel & got into the waiting cars as you knew that the next person to leave would be the bride. And didn't she look stunning!! A beautiful, elegant dress that wasn't overfussy & distracting from Kates' natural beauty, she wore the dress rather than the dress wore her. Even before the commentator mentioned it I said to my friend that it reminded me of Grace Kelly's wedding dress. And wasn't it heartwarming to read Prince Williams' lips as he saw her for the first time "You look lovely, you look beautiful."

I wish I had being able to be in London yesterday to see everything first hand & soak in the atmosphere (although a better view was had watching it on the television), the crowds were very well behaved & controlled and it is events like this that make me very proud to be British & what makes Britain Great. I wish both the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge a very happy marriage. Congratulations!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Own Personal Project :o)

I've finally begun work on the house my family bought me for Christmas!! This is how it looked after I built it (which was quite easy to do as the windows were already in place, as was the door & verandahs & rails). I then removed the front verandah rail (both top & bottom) as I have specific ideas about how I want this to look when completed.

I then painted the exterior a mid-grey with a heavier wash of dark grey. I then cut out ten assorted sheets of sandpaper into tiny rectangles & began gluing them on to look like bricks...

...which has the desired effect that I want. Eventually the whole exterior will be covered with the 'bricks', but it is quite time consuming & I do not want to rush it.

I have very specific ideas about how I want the house to look when finished inside & outside & I am always on the look-out now for minis that would fit my ideal perfectly, other than that I will be making the minis myself, as I am also working on a budget. One item that I have treated myself to is this...

beautiful dresser display from the wonderfully talented Victoria (you can visit her Etsy shop here ) I love all the miniatures that Victoria makes but this one in particular caught my eye & I knew it would be perfect for the master bedroom.

I will keep posting photos of my progress on the house as I go along & some of the minis that I have already begun making to go in it.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend, hugs, Kerry.x.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Never put off until tomorrow...

what I should've done months ago!! After the last computer drama/crisis (were I completely lost over six years of work, accounts, photos, etc) you would've thought that I would have learnt my lesson & backed everything up on discs or flash drives when I received a replacement computer, but...noooooooooo, I kept putting it off & putting it off until...Bam!! got up Wednesday morning & couldn't get the bl***y thing to work!! Now, to be fair, I knew the replacement computer was only going to be temporary & I knew that eventually I would have to buy a new one, & I knew I really, really should've backed everything up, but as usual just didn't get around to it. Thankfully there was only about six months work that I have lost this time, but still, I would have preferred not to lose any of it. I have now got a brand spanking new computer (first time ever!!) courtesy of 'The Family' & I'm still finding my way round, but I LOVE IT!! And I have a flash drive to hand ready to back everything up, Yeah!! Lesson learnt (fingers crossed). I hope you all have a fantastic weekend (I'm going to spend most of it indoors playing with my new 'toy' lol). Hugs, Kerry.x.

Monday, 4 April 2011

And The Winner Is...

I hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day, (mine was very busy). I decided to leave the drawing of the giveaway until this morning as I was too tired to do it last night. So, this morning I printed all my followers names, cut them out, folded them and placed them in a bowl in front of...

Sid (my independant adjudicator & permanant resident in our dining room), he kept a close beady eye on me as I picked a name out of the bowl...

and the winner is...(drum roll please)...


Congratulations Kate, I will be contacting you later for your address.

Thank you all for being a part of my first giveaway & keep popping in as I will be having another giveaway soon.

Have a fantastic week, hugs, Kerry.x.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Giveaway Reminder!!

Just popping in to remind everyone about my 'Mother's Day Giveaway', which will be taking place tomorrow (Mother's Day, U.K.) & I will be announcing the winner on Monday 4th April. All followers on my blog (by 6:00 pm Sunday 3rd) will automatically be entered in the draw. I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow & Good Luck with the giveaway.Hugs, Kerry.x.