Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Icing On The Cake

Hi all,
Every day last week my partner treated me to a little something to celebrate my Birthday week, just little bits & bobs to make me smile, but the biggest treat was a trip to London and first port of call was...
I just adore these 'Wizard Of Oz' cakes, aren't they stunning?!!

(I took hundreds more photos but don't want to bore you with them all.)
Choccywoccydoodah was every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be & would have spent the whole day there if I didn't have my family with me.
After leaving Choccywoccydoodah we went to Hamleys Toy Store, which must be the most fantastic place to visit if you are a child (or young at heart, like me).  5 floors & a basement floor filled with every toy imaginable, cheerful members of staff on each floor happily demonstrating & encouraging people to buy.
We then continued down Regent Street occasionally popping in various shops or just gazing through the windows at the delights on offer.
Once we had 'finished' shopping (seriously, can anyone ever be 'finished' shopping in London??) we went sightseeing, Westminster, St. Paul's Cathedral, walking down the Thames, across the Millenium Bridge & back across Tower Bridge...
...past the Tower Of London...

...and onto Leicester Square, where we visited M & M World, can you believe there is a huge shop dedicated to those delicious little chocolates?

After a full day walking around London we made a way back to Fouberts Place for a final visit (again) to Choccy, where I made quite a few purchases, lol.
Settling back in my seat to endure the 5 hour journey back home, I reflected on what a Happy Birthday Bunny I was!
Have a great week,
Hugs, Kerry. x