Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Guess where...

I took a little trip at the weekend, London. We started at the Natural History Museum, then Harrods and finished at the Victoria and Albert Museum. After a good nights sleep we then went to... these look familiar?

Another clue...

Surely this is a giveaway...

 I was super-lucky to visit the Warners Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour!!!

So much inspiration!

 The Highlight of the tour for me had to be the 1/24th scale model of Hogwarts Castle. (Yes, I almost cried when I saw it).

These are only a fraction of the photos I took, when I got home I realised I had actually taken nearly 300 photos (which I put on my personal FB page just to bore my friends). 
I can't wait to go again!!
Have a great week,
Hugs, Kerry. ♥ x