Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Night Circus...

While exhibiting at my last fair of 2011 one of my regulars was telling us about a miniature scene she was creating based on the book 'The Night Circus'. She briefly gave me & my Fiance a quick synopsis of the story & we both agreed that it sounded fantastic & something that we would both read. The very next day, unbeknown to the other, we both went out and bought the book as a Christmas present for the other, lol.
Without giving too much away, the story is about two 'magicians' or 'illusionists' who each raise an apprentice for a future challenge and in between the Night Circus arrives. The reason why I am writing about this is because the author has written the book so beautifully & with such detail that I think it will be a great source of inspiration to all miniaturists, even food artisans. To me the characters are not just characters in a book, they are real people, just because of how they are described. The scenes are set so magnificently that you can actually imagine yourself walking through the circus tents and 'seeing' exactly what the characters are seeing. It is full of magic, fantasy, intrigue, and wonder. (And apparently talks are underway for it to be made into a film).
I hope eventually to make a few of the 'sweet treats' that are mentioned in the book, in miniature of course!! Meanwhile, here are some of my 'Honeydukes' inspired candy treats which are now available on Etsy...

...and my Easter inspired chocolate treats & cupcakes.

Hope you like these.

Have a fantastic week, hugs, Kerry.x.