Monday, 28 February 2011

Easter Minis

A quick post to show you what I've been working on lately, an Easter Display Cabinet (which is now on Etsy) & a little Easter Gift Set (now on eBay).

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Chocolate Fountains & Wedding Gifts

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day yesterday & spent it with someone they love. I, myself have been a little bit poorly so I spent most of the day in bed (which, incidently, I do love!! my bed, that is, not being poorly!!) I managed to get up to open my pressies from my beloved (chocolates, flowers, Stephen King DVD 'IT' & a packet of chicken noodle soup, LOL) & enjoy my heart-shaped ham & scrambled egg toastie that he made me, bless him, & then I went back to bed to try & catch up on the sleep that had evaded me the night before. The rest of the day I spent slobbed out in the front room watching trashy horror movies & generally feeling unwell, not the best way to be waited on hand & foot but at least I had my dinner cooked for me ;o). Anyway, just before I became too poorly to venture into my workroom I made these little chocolate fountain sets & wedding gift sets that will be coming with me to my next fair. Enjoy. Hugs, Kerry.x.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Latest commission pieces...



I bet you were thinking I would be posting pics of new Valentines' minis, but you were wrong!! Everybody seems to be making them at the moment so I thought I would (almost) give it a miss this year. A couple of weeks ago, while exhibiting at a fair in Lincoln, one of my regular customers asked if I would make her one of my miniature pumpkin cauldrons, filled with eyeballs, slimy tentacles, etc & she will pick it up at a fair in a couple of weeks. After I completed this piece I decided to make a few more different variations of the cauldron & a few extras, I love making items with faces in them & I am really getting the hang of making hands. So, here are my 'helping hands' bottle & bowl, wizards table (waiting to be filled with potions & stuff) dragonskin cauldron & 'Monster of Rock' cauldron!!
Hugs, Kerry.x.