Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Own Personal Project :o)

I've finally begun work on the house my family bought me for Christmas!! This is how it looked after I built it (which was quite easy to do as the windows were already in place, as was the door & verandahs & rails). I then removed the front verandah rail (both top & bottom) as I have specific ideas about how I want this to look when completed.

I then painted the exterior a mid-grey with a heavier wash of dark grey. I then cut out ten assorted sheets of sandpaper into tiny rectangles & began gluing them on to look like bricks...

...which has the desired effect that I want. Eventually the whole exterior will be covered with the 'bricks', but it is quite time consuming & I do not want to rush it.

I have very specific ideas about how I want the house to look when finished inside & outside & I am always on the look-out now for minis that would fit my ideal perfectly, other than that I will be making the minis myself, as I am also working on a budget. One item that I have treated myself to is this...

beautiful dresser display from the wonderfully talented Victoria (you can visit her Etsy shop here ) I love all the miniatures that Victoria makes but this one in particular caught my eye & I knew it would be perfect for the master bedroom.

I will keep posting photos of my progress on the house as I go along & some of the minis that I have already begun making to go in it.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend, hugs, Kerry.x.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Kerry are you doing a spooky house? Have you seen Victorias its amazing! Im glad Im not the only one to cut up sandpaper and card to make it cheaper but its so time consuming isnt it! Will look great though! I have several of Victorias perfume displays, Im abit addicted to her work!! Have a veyr Happy and Chocolaty Easter! Kate xxx

Kerry said...

Hi Kate, yes, I am indeed doing a spooky house!! I want it to look dark, gothic-like & neglected on the outside & quite dark inside, too, although I have yet to find wallpaper that matches the vision I have in my head, unfortunately. I am doing this up in my 'spare time' (lol, what's that??), so it really is going to be a slow process, but that's okay as it'll keep me busy for a while. Cutting up the sandpaper was a real pain, as was measuring it out, & sticking it on is a pain, too :o(, but I thought it the cheaper option.
Hugs to you & yours & have a fantastic Easter.

Janice said...

What a great idea to use sand paper. As Kate has already said, very economical and textured to boot. The grey wash has come out marvellously too.
Victoria's house is wonderful and she has used all sorts of materials from around the home. Her fireplace is fabulous. You have chosen a lovely piece to begin your collection although I feel sure you will add your own touch too.
I am looking forward to seeing your house develop.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Thank you Kerry :) I love that you are doing a haunted house. I shingled a house with black painted sandpaper to look like shingles. I am away from home and using Dad's tiny net book, so glad I could get to blogland on it.

I can't wait to see more of your dream come to life here.

Victoria xxx

Kerry said...

Thank you Janice & Victoria. The house has been sat in my workroom since Christmas & every time I had an idea about how I would decorate the outside I would write it down, but I am pleased that I decided on using sandpaper as it is turning out to look better than I thought it would. I was lucky enough to find grey coloured sandpaper and not the yellow kind as now I don't have to paint it. I've added a few more trimmings since I took these photos & will post them here when I have done a bit more work on it too, so much to do, so little time.
Have a great Easter, hugs, Kerry.x.