Sunday, 28 February 2010

**It's Almost March...Springtime**

Oh Dear!!!, it seems I haven't done very well with one of my New Years Resolutions!!! As we approached the end of last year & began thinking about the new one, I told myself that I would not get 'sloppy' with my blog & try & post every week...but here we are...almost into March & this is my first post since Christmas!! Tut, Tut!! I am a bad girl. There are a few reasons as to why I haven't posted before now, but the main one is that I began the year pretty much as I ended the last a fair amount of pain. At the moment I have a little problem with my spine which is making things a little bit difficult for me, I can't walk very far without the aid of a walking stick, nor can I sit for long or stand for too long either & bedtime is a nightmare!! Anyway...enough of my problems, I hope you are all well & keeping up with your New Years Resolutions (or at least doing better than me, LOL). I have managed to make a few new minis which I have been putting up for auction on eBay, & a few new minis to take to the miniature fairs that I attend this year. I have cut down on the amount of exhibiting for this year as I don't think the travelling was doing me (or my spine) any good. The last fair I exhibited at was at Kelham Hall in Newark & although it wasn't particularly profitable (the snow blizzards kept buyers away) it did turn into an interesting day. A television film crew had turned up, they were making a documentary on Dollshouse miniatures & collectors, & kindly asked if they could interview & film me later in the day!! After hesitating, I agreed. But then I spent the rest of the morning annoying my partner by constantly asking "Do I look alright?" "Does my hair look okay?" "What am I going to say?" He told me just to be myself & enjoy the moment...oh, & that I looked okay. Anyway, the film crew have taken my email address & will send me more information on the documentary when they find out more. The documentary is called 'Little Victorian Secrets'.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Woohoo Kerry you are going to be a star!! Lovely to see you posting, as always with fantastic creations. Sorry to hear about your back problems, not the best of hobbys when your leaning over all the time is it but the minis look amazing! Hope to see that documentary, let us know when its on! Hugs, Kate xx

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Son muy bonitos!.
Cuidese la espalda.