Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cupcakes & New Dolls

Well, Halloween is over for another year & Bonfire Night passed by with little excitement, not sure if it's the recession or not, but Friday was not the usual 'big bangs' & constant explosions that it normally is, maybe people are finally being sensible with their money & not spending it on silly little fireworks that cause a moments amazement then disappear in a puff of smoke (sorry, but I am not a big fan of Bonfire Night & think they should only be sold to official organisations!!). We are now fast approaching the festive season & as usual I am getting into the spirit by watching endless Christmas movies while making my minis, I love 'The Santa Clause' trilogy with Tim Allen, I watch them over & over again & now know all three films word for word (sad, I know!!) I have finally made a start on making a poseable doll & when she is finished I will post pictures for you. In the meantime, here are a few new minis that will either be up for auction on eBay or taken to my next couple of miniature fairs. Enjoy, Kerry.x.


TINK-SONIA said...

Amazing cupcakes Kerry,I love your sweet work!Mini regards.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Kerry its so nice to know Im not the only one! From October I start with the Christmas movies including the Santa movies like you! I also love to watch the sappy lovey dovey ones like Serndipity, Youve got mail etc he he!!
Ive never been into fireworks either and cant remember the last time I went to a display but we felt bad this year for the children so did actually do some in the garden which they just loved and it was actually fun, but I agree for how much they cost it was abit daft!!
Love the new minis. Lola and I adore the cupcakes, hmmm they would look cool in the candy shop with your other pink things! Also love the chocolate stacked cake on the left! Hope they are for ebay ! Now off to watch the Grinch, I have to sit with the children , too scary!! Love Kate xxxxx

Love the new minis

Mooghiscath said...

superbe les gâteaux en forme de bonhomme de neige et rennes.

by Sonya Rotella said...

Wounderful cupcakes!I love them!
Best Compliments!

Pepi said...

Impresionante trabajo, el que has realizado,me encanta, felicidades.