Monday, 18 October 2010

Something a little different...

I have always admired doll artists & wanted to have a go myself, but fear of 'stepping on someone's toes' has always prevented me from doing so. This week I decided to bite the bullet & tinker around with my doll clay that has been sitting in my clay drawer for a while. As Halloween is approaching I thought I would have a go at making a few witches, not your traditional 'all in black with green faces' type, but something a little different. I was also inspired by one of our Halloween decorations, an animated four foot butler, & made a couple of those, too. What do you think? In between making these little figures I also made a few more Halloween treats that are on eBay at the mo, & a few more besides as I am once again exhibiting this weekend, this time at Craven Park Stadium, Kingston-Upon-Hull, if anyone wants to come along.
Have a fantastic week,
Kerry :o) .x.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

OMG Kerry, what do I think???? I think they are fantastic!! Dont worry about treading on toes, every doll maker has their won style, there is always room for one more and you have a natural talent it seems! I aodre the butlers but my favs are the witches, especially the halloween green abd orange dressed one! WHat height are they Kerry and are they set for ebay? Love Kate xx

Kerry said...

Hi Kate, thank you so much!! I was so nervous about showing these, but pleased I have now. I wasn't going to put them on ebay, my plan was to take them to York miniatures fair to showcase them. I do plan to make a lot more in the future, in fact I have just ordered some more doll clay this morning. I also plan on making poseable dolls that I can dress as these are all made from clay at the moment. If you are interested in the green & orange witch just drop me an email & I'll sort something out for you. BTW, congratulations on Lola being on Blue Peter, I have made a note of it so I will be turning in to watch (I really don't watch TV, so have had to write it down in BIG letters so I don't forget, lol).
Have a fantastic week,

CLARA said...

Estos dulces están perfectos.
Me han gustado mucho los mayordomos. Las brujas están felices por las fechas que se acercan. Me parece muy dificil hacer la ropa de pasta. Me encantan.
Besos Clara

Ascension said...

Me encantan los dulces que has hecho.
Los mayordomos y las brujas te han quedado pefectamente modelados, son preciosos.
Enhorabuena por tu grna trabajo.
besitos ascension

Mooghiscath said...

Ils ont une "tête" très amusante , j'aime beaucoup